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So today I wanted to share something from Rory Singh over at

Stuff That Champions Are ‘Made’ Of – Online Success


I know that this is a very bold title and statement to make in the company of many great and upcoming entrepreneurs. But this is something that needs to be said and heard by as many people as possible (even if you have heard of this before).

They say that the ‘average’ person dies after the age of thirty.

What does this mean?

Sure there are billions of people who have already passed that age in the time we are in right now not to mention in history.

Here’s what I mean…

Most people after the age of thirty have given up on their dreams and are like zombies who just ‘drift’ along blindly going where ever life seems to be taking them.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to knock on people or talk down to anyone.

Have you seen the children of our world who enter this universe of time and space?

They come with so much excitement and joy ‘already’ built into them.

They don’t need anything ‘outside’ them to make them happy. They are happy already.

These children come with ‘genius’ abilities already built into them and have very little to hold them back ‘mentally’ until they learn the ‘limits’ of society.

They know what they need to do (already) but parents have better ideas for them (so they think).

Children come here already knowing what their life’s purpose is unconsciously and on a deeper level they are not hung up on figuring it out (right now). But parents (because of past programming) believe in their heart of hearts that they know what this child should grow up to be.

Little by little we strip away all the genius that came ‘built’ into this perfect whole being and place limited outdated beliefs that are clearly NOT working for our world on them.

By the age of thirty, the average person is almost an empty vessel that feels hollow ‘inside’ because most people surrender to the brutal negative programming that is ‘inflicted’ by us and our society.

You my friend are a ‘Perfect’ Creation that was made by PERFECTION it self!

All of you!

Each and everyone one of you who is reading this message right now has a ‘sleeping’ Giant ‘inside’ them just waiting to come out.

This giant is there right now waiting for you to take a stand right now.

That inner child who came into this world already Perfect, innocent and with limitless possibilities is waiting for you (the gate keeper / ego) to do something and reclaim your birth right.

So how do you do that?

By making a ‘decision’ right now right here that you will not take another step forward unless it ‘serves’ you.

You will not listen to empty promises made by society’s Crony’s (News Media and other constant negative programming) any longer (and their constant message doesn’t serve you especially if you are reading this message right now).

Don’t believe me?

Well if you don’t then you my friend may be one of the many casualties that are left behind in the world right now who are willing to walk among those with no direction except for the those of dictators.

Your dreams are in you for a reason.

You can ignore them like most people do or you can awaken the sleeping giant within just like Tony Robbins said in one of his books.

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