Day 6 #90daychallenge

Hi day 6 is here and it’s time to explain the numbers

So here’s how we get to $37 000K per month                        (join the challenge here)

Week 1

Personal sign up 4 people to the IC Commercial Package at $25 per month.

Included in that package is Unlimited backup cloud storage, email autoresponder software, a blogging platform, a webinar platform, a live chat option to your website, a membership site platform, a landing site platform.

Week 2

Teach & show those four people to get four. Works best when people know their goal on day 1. Get four people in a week.

Week 3,4,5

These new four do the same.

Week 6

Consolidation  people who are struggling to get their four are helped by others.

Week 7

Repeat week 1

Weeks 8-12

Repeat weeks 2-5

Week 12

You will be making $37 000 per month residual income.


If you’re looking for the webinar link it’s here >>>>90daychallenge

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