Day 4 #90dayChallenge

Hi Guys so I thought the PC was working but this morning it stopped charging. Now that laptop is in the repair shop and I have a backup laptop at work.

So enough of the daily drama and on to business.

The 90 day challenge.

Today I am am “upping the anti” and pushing hard. If you haven’t climb on board here’s how

First. Click here and join up.

So how does this challenge work.

Well you join the lowest level at Ingeso Cybernetico ($25). Then you get four people to do the same. This can be done by explaining what tools you get. See day 2 post)

Now you keep this “four to get four” until you are five deep,then you start in all over again. Now in this challenge you have a week to complete the tasks of getting four.

So join me in the challenge and in May we can enjoy our $37K residual income.




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