Day 10 #90daychallenge

Now I have my four people I am facing my biggest challenge and that is getting four people to find four.

Now the training I wrote yesterday will get the job done but people have to actually do it.

This is probably the hardest thing for people.

So people my message today is believe in yourself.


Day 9 #90daychallenge


Today I have created a training / game plan for all those people who don’t know how or where they are going to get four people from.

This goes into detail on how to advertise and where advertise so that people can get their four as quickly as possible. I am constantly updating it with the latest information

I have posted it here.


Day 8 #90daychallenge


So today I wanted to share something from Rory Singh over at

Stuff That Champions Are ‘Made’ Of – Online Success


I know that this is a very bold title and statement to make in the company of many great and upcoming entrepreneurs. But this is something that needs to be said and heard by as many people as possible (even if you have heard of this before).

They say that the ‘average’ person dies after the age of thirty.

What does this mean?

Sure there are billions of people who have already passed that age in the time we are in right now not to mention in history.

Here’s what I mean…

Most people after the age of thirty have given up on their dreams and are like zombies who just ‘drift’ along blindly going where ever life seems to be taking them.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to knock on people or talk down to anyone.

Have you seen the children of our world who enter this universe of time and space?

They come with so much excitement and joy ‘already’ built into them.

They don’t need anything ‘outside’ them to make them happy. They are happy already.

These children come with ‘genius’ abilities already built into them and have very little to hold them back ‘mentally’ until they learn the ‘limits’ of society.

They know what they need to do (already) but parents have better ideas for them (so they think).

Children come here already knowing what their life’s purpose is unconsciously and on a deeper level they are not hung up on figuring it out (right now). But parents (because of past programming) believe in their heart of hearts that they know what this child should grow up to be.

Little by little we strip away all the genius that came ‘built’ into this perfect whole being and place limited outdated beliefs that are clearly NOT working for our world on them.

By the age of thirty, the average person is almost an empty vessel that feels hollow ‘inside’ because most people surrender to the brutal negative programming that is ‘inflicted’ by us and our society.

You my friend are a ‘Perfect’ Creation that was made by PERFECTION it self!

All of you!

Each and everyone one of you who is reading this message right now has a ‘sleeping’ Giant ‘inside’ them just waiting to come out.

This giant is there right now waiting for you to take a stand right now.

That inner child who came into this world already Perfect, innocent and with limitless possibilities is waiting for you (the gate keeper / ego) to do something and reclaim your birth right.

So how do you do that?

By making a ‘decision’ right now right here that you will not take another step forward unless it ‘serves’ you.

You will not listen to empty promises made by society’s Crony’s (News Media and other constant negative programming) any longer (and their constant message doesn’t serve you especially if you are reading this message right now).

Don’t believe me?

Well if you don’t then you my friend may be one of the many casualties that are left behind in the world right now who are willing to walk among those with no direction except for the those of dictators.

Your dreams are in you for a reason.

You can ignore them like most people do or you can awaken the sleeping giant within just like Tony Robbins said in one of his books.

Day 7 #90dayChallenge

Hi everyone,

First thanks to all the encouragement from fellow marketers online. It is difficult, generating a strong team in such a short time but I have found that only certain people can achieve this success.

To achieve in the #90dayChallenge it takes a certain type of character

1. You must have an unyielding desire to achieve the goal of $37K per month

2. You have to complete you daily task, no matter what.

3.You have to work through the hard times (and their will be hard times)

4. You have got to improve yourself take at least 30 minutes to read a book about the business. (or watch at least 30 minutes of a webinar)

That’s it for today.

Keep going


Day 6 #90daychallenge

Hi day 6 is here and it’s time to explain the numbers

So here’s how we get to $37 000K per month                        (join the challenge here)

Week 1

Personal sign up 4 people to the IC Commercial Package at $25 per month.

Included in that package is Unlimited backup cloud storage, email autoresponder software, a blogging platform, a webinar platform, a live chat option to your website, a membership site platform, a landing site platform.

Week 2

Teach & show those four people to get four. Works best when people know their goal on day 1. Get four people in a week.

Week 3,4,5

These new four do the same.

Week 6

Consolidation  people who are struggling to get their four are helped by others.

Week 7

Repeat week 1

Weeks 8-12

Repeat weeks 2-5

Week 12

You will be making $37 000 per month residual income.


If you’re looking for the webinar link it’s here >>>>90daychallenge

Day 5 #90daychallenge

Hi so it’s day five, wow that went fast.

So I’ve started posting some nuggets on twitter so don’t forget to follow me.

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Ok now on to a little traffic source that I discovered the IBO tool box. It seem fairly active so we will see how it goes and I will give a review of it later.

Thanks for all the questions on the #90daychallenge remember you can watch the webinar right here >>>>Click Here<<<

So that’s it for today.

Day 4 #90dayChallenge

Hi Guys so I thought the PC was working but this morning it stopped charging. Now that laptop is in the repair shop and I have a backup laptop at work.

So enough of the daily drama and on to business.

The 90 day challenge.

Today I am am “upping the anti” and pushing hard. If you haven’t climb on board here’s how

First. Click here and join up.

So how does this challenge work.

Well you join the lowest level at Ingeso Cybernetico ($25). Then you get four people to do the same. This can be done by explaining what tools you get. See day 2 post)

Now you keep this “four to get four” until you are five deep,then you start in all over again. Now in this challenge you have a week to complete the tasks of getting four.

So join me in the challenge and in May we can enjoy our $37K residual income.




Day 3 #90DayChallenge

Hi there,

So I’m actually posting on Day 4 because day three I had the drama of spilling water on my laptop.Panic and fast action are the keys.

I turn the laptop off and pulled the electricity out immediately. Next I turn the laptop upside down and put a towel on the keyboard to soak up the water.

I left it there all night and next day I unscrewed it all and left it open to dry and I also vacuum cleaned it out.

So now it is 24 hours later and the laptop works.

Ok drama over now back to the challenge.


Day 2 #90challenge

So we’re on to day 2 and now the grind begins.

The excitement of day 1 is over and the idea that in May I will be on 37k residual will become a reality. Now it begins.

So it works this way. I am building a team of people 5 levels deep, eight people wide who will be taking advantage of these great tools:

* Magic Responder (autoresponder) – 1000 contacts as standard (up grade available)

* LeadPages Software (Unlimited Squeeze pages can be generated, 185 Templates)

* An online webinar platform with live chat, live invitation, live YouTube, unlimited attendees

* Unlimited cloud storage, for multiple computers,

* A membership site that can be used to sell a course in anything.

And all this for just $25 per month. Not bad eh? See how it work here