#90 day challenge update

Hi I haven’t posted for a while so massive up here.

Even highly motivated people encouragement because not everything goes according to plan life has funny way of getting in the way.

So when you fall down pick yourself up and carry on continue on with the plan.

502103433ec3cSo the 90 day plan continues and the target of $37 000 per month continues.

So today I wanted to share something by Rory Singh over at http://networkopportunities.net/ check it out.

It is a recipe for success that we can all use

1) Pick (1) system, opportunity or product (that pay out commissions high enough to meet your needs)

2) Pick (1) marketing method that you feel that you could do. Master it.

3) Put aside time everyday: 1 – 2 hours if you have a one year goal. 4 – 6 hours (or more) per day if you want to make a break through within the next 90 days.

And do this consistently, don’t give up and don’t give in to your mind because it will try to ‘talk’ you out of reaching your ‘vision’.

4) Personal development (Daily): Now this is where you listen to your audio’s, training material, motivational and personal development material. This stuff must be done every day but in your downtime like: Commuting, transit, jogging and even before you go to bed..

This step is just as important as the 1st one. This is ‘shaping’ your mind or ‘mindset’ so that you stay ‘focused’, enthusiastic and know that you deserve the things that you are asking for.

God or the ‘Universe’ always gives you more than you ask for.

But not until you ‘realize’ that you are ‘deserving’ of them.

5- Look for a LeaderpossibleLook for someone who already has the results that you are looking for. I work with everyone on my team one on one (as long as they are willing to ‘commit’ to themselves and their business).

Thanks for reading more tomorrow.


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